What is YSPS?

YSPS(Yamamoto Sugawa Precision Stamping)is a joint venture operation
between Yamamoto Press Seisaku Co.,LTD. and Sugawa Industry Co.,LTD.

"Our company principle is "Develop innovative Processing technology and approach to the wrld wide market"

YSPS(Yamamoto Sugawa Precision Stamping)

 The YSPS Group is a global organizational group with YSPS Japan Co., Ltd. as the controlling company for all overseas bases, and with Japanese quality production bases in China, Thailand, and the United States, which are the world's major automobile markets.

 Yamamoto Press Mfg. Co., Ltd.'s core technology, the YOMU method, and Sugawa Industries Co., Ltd.'s specialty, the fine blanking method (precision punching). We will respond to the trust and expectations of local customers, including automobile parts manufacturers, with the highest priority, through our ability to respond to "material processing" and the challenge from high precision to ultra-precision.

YSPS Japan supports business operations at three overseas bases. China - Thailand - U.S.A.

 YSPS Japan Co., Ltd. will demonstrate strong leadership in the operation of the three overseas bases and realize the best measures for the three bases. On the other hand, manufacturing also has cross-organizational functions of the entire YSPS group, such as active personnel exchanges with the aim of establishing and improving "Japanese quality" in collaboration with Yamamoto Press Co., Ltd. and Sugawa Industry Co., Ltd.

China:Rong Cheng Industrial Park, Fuzhou(Established in 1998)
Thailand :Pinthong Industrial Estate, Chongburi(Established in 2008)
U.S.A. :Lanes Run Business Park, Georgetown, KY(Established in 2013)
 All locations are easily accessible form air and sea ports,and located for convenient procurement of material. Our office in Itabashi, Tokyo, "YSPS Japan," service as a representative office for our overseas operarion. YSPS Japan welcoms your contact on how we may be of service. Both parent companies support keytechnologies such as tooling and robotic operations form Japan.

Corporate History
2005 Established Yamamoto Offshore Pressure Co., Ltd. in Fujian, China
2008 Established Sugawa Industry Thailand Co., Ltd. in Chonburi, Thailand
2013 Established YSPS USA in Kentucky, USA
2013 Established YSPS Japan as a controlling company for overseas bases
2014 Yamamoto (Fuzhou) Press Production Co., Ltd. in Fujian Province, China changed to Fuzhou Yamamoto Sukawa Press Production Co., Ltd. (YSPS-China)
2014 Sugawa Industry Thailand Co., Ltd. in Chonburi, Thailand to YS Precision stamping Thailand Co., Ltd (YSPS-Thailand)

Business Sites Japan - China - Thailand - U.S.A

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